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The Home Of Halotherapy Dry salt therapy in a spa like setting to improve lung function, provide allergy relief, and combat stress and fatigue. Our Services Book Now COVID UPDATE: ALL SESSIONS ARE PRIVATE Enjoy the salt room all to yourself, with loved ones or with your chosen group during Phase 1 of our reopening! Your health and safety remain our number one priority. COVID Update Book Now The Relief You Are Looking For Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory which can assist in reducing inflammation of the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. Book Now Our Services Breathe Deep and Salt Your Soul With our state of the art halogenerator, come try and relax the body, reduce tension headaches, alleviate stress, increase energy, encourage alertness, improve mood, and promote a better night’s rest. Ready to see if it works for you? Our Services Book Now

You are in the right place, its all about you. Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation awaits.

Whether you are here for the amazing respiratory benefits that halotherapy can provide or you're ready to heat up your health in the infrared sauna, your dedicated space to recharge and relax awaits!

What We Offer at the Studios:

Your dedicated space to relax and restore with private services:

Just you and a few hundred pounds of Himalayan salt - dry salt therapy in a spa like setting to boost respiratory, skin, immune and mental health!

Heat up your health with an infrared sauna session. Experience benefits like detoxification, immune boost, muscle recovery, pain relief and more!

Salted yoga, meditation, sound healing and more! Enjoy a class led by one of the beloved practitioners and instructors both inside the salt room & outdoors!

Let your body unwind and release tension with a massage amongst the glow of the Himalayan salt! Experience double the benefits - massage + halotherapy!

Our Location

Serving Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Hilton Head Island

Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina

9 Harbourside Lane, Suite B
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


phone: (843) 715-2825

Email: hello@puresaltstudios.com

What Clients Are Saying

This has to be one of the best health treatments I have ever had- my breathing, lungs and overall respiratory system feels so much better and I look forward to my next visit!


What Clients Are Saying

My session at Pure salt was amazing! I feel so relaxed and would come everyday if I could. Great space in the rooms and out.


What Clients Are Saying

I was excited to try Pure Salt Studios after reading about salt therapy in a Shape magazine article. I suffer from allergies and with all the extreme weather changes, I went in hoping this could help. I could not say enough good things about the treatment and staff. I feel renewed when I come out and have had less issues with weather change.